Helpful Resources For Home Buyers & Sellers


Spring’s the Time to List – Here’s Some Helpful Tips.

Longer light, warmer weather, is the perfect reason,
List your home for a sale, during the spring season.

First impressions matter most when viewing from the street,
Have your house curb-attractive, well maintained and neat.

Prune the bushes, trim the trees, and plant some colorful flowers,
Mulch the grounds in days ahead, so smells won’t overpower.

Sweep the sidewalk, clear the driveway, repair any cracks,
Update the mailbox and porch light, replace the welcome mat.

Liven up the outside structure, paint where there is peeling,
A fresh front door and sparkling windows, makes the home appealing.

Focus where the buyer steps, floors should shine and “wow,”
Remove deep stains and dirty spots; clean those carpets now.

Be mindful of the sights and smells, especially with a pet,
Wash the drapes, open windows, this you won’t regret.

Fewer items in the home; the larger it will look,
Declutter and remove your stuff; knickknacks, clothing, books.

Take down family photographs, religious items too,
A buyer needs to visualize ‘them’ living there, not you.

The main mechanics of the home, must be truly functioning,
A/C, heat, gutters, roof; electrical and plumbing.

Replacing hardware, faucets, knobs, and hinges on the doors,
These small tasks and quick updates, can net you thousands more.

Further tips and sound advice are tailored to your needs,
From your Long and Foster agent, you can trust Julie!

A Winter Poem for Home Sweet Home!

Winter chills have arrived, it is very clear.
Keep your home warm and cozy, with your family near.

Stop cold air from seeping through those doors and window sills.
Weather strip around the frames and cut your energy bills.

Check the basement walls and floors, search for any gaps.
Spraying foam, using caulk can seal up tiny cracks.

If you feel a drafty wind from your fireplace,
Is the damper tightly closed in the chimney space?

Furnace filters need replacing during the heating season.
Dirt and dust will slow airflow that is the reason.

Insulate; heat all rooms, open cabinet doors,
Prevent a frozen pipe from bursting, save yourself a chore.

Examine hot tubs, outdoor spigots; check exterior spaces,
Look for leaks, drips, and puddles all around these places.

Consider turning off the valve where the water flows,
To the irrigation system and your garden hose.

Simple tasks don’t require lots and lots of time.
Protect your home, use these tips, save yourself a dime.

Have a question or concern? Don’t hesitate; call Julie.
Helping clients with advice is her focus, truly!